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Madoc Developments Apartments


Over the years we have developed our own distinctive way of working. We have a strong framework of operational processes that ensures we always meet the highest standards, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to the specific demands of our different clients and sites. This means that when we commit to costings and deadlines, we deliver on time, and on budget.

Good communication is vital, whether that’s with our business partners, agents or contractors. We have strong and effective long-term relationships across our industry, which is at the heart of our business success.


We pride ourselves on the service we offer to our buyers, from the moment the site is chosen to the day they move in, and in the years thereafter. Everything we build is of the highest possible quality, from construction materials to internal fittings and fixtures.

Madoc Developments Apartments
Madoc Developments Apartments


Our architectural expertise extends from external building and landscape design, to internal space planning and layout. We also have the specialist capability to integrate cutting-edge technology with traditional building techniques, so that homes which are beautiful to look at, are easy to live in. Elegant interior finishes complete a dwelling, to make it a home.

Our Developments always have the best quality fittings such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Windows and Doors, they have the latest home technology such as Smart locks, Remote smart colour change led lighting, voice control devices controlled by iPad / iPhone and Fingerprint Recognition


Craftsmanship is all about the detail. From bespoke finishes and state-of-the-art appliances for the luxurious German kitchens, to floorings and glasswork, to the best in traditional British joinery and luxurious Spanish and Italian bathroom ware, we pride ourselves on unique touches that differentiate our homes, yet make them universally appealing. It is important that we provide a product which a client can make their own.
In the same way, we have the expertise to craft a product specifically catered to an individual’s needs when required.

Madoc Developments Apartments
Apartments North Wales


We have carefully built a team of outstanding professionals, with skills in every aspect of property development, construction and sales


This is at the heart of what we do: building and fitting out unique luxury properties. The size and ambitious scale of our developments demands exceptional teamwork and project management skills, as we bring together trusted suppliers and contractors to create an outstanding building and an enviable home.

Apartments North Wales
Madoc Developments Apartments


We place a high value on our reputation in the market, and invest time and resources in building our brand. The marketing team is responsible for raising awareness of Madoc Developments Ltd. and its strengths, as well as specific marketing and sales campaigns for individual properties. The sales team liaise with appointed agents, as well as directly with clients, to generate good working relationships and ensure an effective handover upon sale.